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Stop Your Physicians from Leaving


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Does your hospital have a plan to retain its physicians?

Retaining Physicians is harder than ever. In fact, physician turnover rates have reached 30%, and 1 in 5 physicians will retire in the next two years. This, coupled with the cost of hiring a single specialist, is setting up CMOs for failure. 

Instead of continuously searching or constantly reworking your budget, stop your physicians from leaving in the first place. Learn from Eagle Telemedicine CEO Jason Povio and Eagle customer, Joseph Joyave, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director for AdventHealth Medical Group, how a hybrid care model will:

      • Mitigate burnout
      • Enhance access to specialty care
      • Lower night and surge coverage costs
      • Raise quality scores
      • Offer work/life balance to your current physicians
      • Increase your hospital’s bottom line

All while enhancing your physician retention rates.

You can stop your physicians from leaving. 



Joseph Joyave, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director 

Jason Povio 

Jason Povio
 Eagle Telemedicine