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The rising national physician shortage is demanding new solutions to ensure access to care. Learn how to overcome specialist shortages, increase patient outcomes, revenue retention, and more. 

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Telemedicine Case Study 

Riverside Health System: Overcoming Specialist Shortages


Telemedicine Adoption Survey Data

The latest Eagle Telemedicine Adoption Survey and the use of telemedicine in today’s hospitals

  Top tele-specialists used by hospitals today

  Telemedicine patient satisfaction rates by region

 Top telemedicine challenges

Highest rated telemedicine benefits


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Hospitals are feeling the pain when recruiting and retaining physician specialists. The rising national physician shortage demands new solutions, and telemedicine is a viable solution. More than half (52.2%) use telemedicine for physician specialty support. Join our speakers for a discussion and Q&A about how hospitals utilize telemedicine to ease the pain when recruiting and retaining physician specialists. 

jason povio

      Jason Povio       

President & Chief Operating Officer

Eagle Telemedicine


      O’Brien Gossage        RN, BSN, SCRN,  Telemedicine Lead

Riverside Health System