5 Things to Know Before You Kick Off a Telemedicine Program


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Plus: Experts share real-world implementation best practices

Discover best practices for:

      • Selecting a telemedicine engagement model
      • Meeting telemedicine response metrics
      • Onboarding a telemedicine provider smoothly
      • Training staff for telemedicine success
      • Building telemedicine into your hospital’s sustainability model
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Davis Greene

Vice President of Operations

Nash UNC Health Care

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Jason Povio

President and Chief Operating Officer

Eagle Telemedicine

The use of telemedicine is now 38 times higher than before the pandemic, and according to McKinsey research, “telemedicine is set to remain a permanent and integral part of medical care.” If your hospital is like most and is ready to adopt a more active, long-term telemedicine program, there are key things you need to know to kick it off with success. 

Join this webinar to learn the five things you need to know before you select a telemedicine coverage model, and real-world best practices to optimize your telemedicine implementation. 

You’ll hear from Davis Greene, Nash UNC Health Care’s Vice President of Operations on how he implemented an effective telemedicine program with successful staff and patient adoption. You’ll also hear from Jason Povio, President and COO of Eagle Telemedicine on the best steps you can take now to ensure your telemedicine program delivers sustainable care.